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Doggie Afternoon Tea

Saturday 23rd May  |  11.30am - 1.00pm

Our dog-friendly menu is just as pawsome as our human one! Enjoy time out with your pooch to relax in an environment where dogs are welcome 

and tasty treats are endless!

Limited spaces available - only £30.00 inclusive

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Doggie Afternoon Tea



There’s not much fun for your pooch in watching you munch a homemade afternoon tea while they sit with a wagging tail and an empty belly, so we’ve paw-picked some fabulous alternatives for them to enjoy by your side.

For your dog, presented on a lovely stand, they will receive the following treats:

1. Pupcake
2. Doggie biscuits.
3. Doggie drink

And a traditional Afternoon Tea for their owners including:

1. Selection of delicious finger sandwiches.
2. Freshly made scone with conserve and clotted cream.
3. Selection of paw-some treats suitable for humans.

4. Flat whites, Lattes, Cappuccino's available at extra cost.

Extra details:

* Please read through our doggie conditions prior to booking.

* After booking please email us with the name of your dog so we can personalise their treat.
* Ticket price includes 1 traditional afternoon tea with coffee/pot of tea and 1 paw-some afternoon tea for your paw-some friend.

If you have any dietary requirements, please get in touch with us before booking to see if we can accommodate.

Please read our conditions for your dog's comfort and safety


Dog etiquette

Your darling dogs are central to this event so we want to look after you and them in the best way we can. We make every effort to secure the venue and make it as dog friendly as possible but please keep an eye on your dog at all times as we cannot take responsibility of care for pets. We ask that:


  • all dogs are taken for a short walk prior to the event to attend to any business

  • no dogs are allowed on sit on the furniture

  • if they have an accident please take responsibility for the mess - we will have supplies ready for this, bags/cleaning equipment

  • you let us know if you wouldn’t like your dog fed anything

  • you keep him/her with you especially during the ‘off lead’ time.

There will be water bowls dotted around for your dogs, and blankets should your dog feel the cold, although our Coffee Shop is generally kept at average room temperature.

Dog entry restrictions

Please do not bring your dog along if they are: in season, aggressive towards other dogs, children or people, very nervous in crowds, not up to date with vaccinations or don’t like to be social. 

If your dog is aggressive or spoiling the enjoyment of other participants, we reserve the right to ask you to leave - but we have never had to yet!


We welcome all dogs, but please use common sense, if your dog isn’t going to enjoy our event, then it may be best not to bring them along.

Dog owner etiquette

Dog lovers are just as special to us and most owners come to chat, share their pets and talk about their pooches to other dog loving guests.  Please feel free to mingle, share tables and enjoy your afternoon tea!


We do ask all regular humans attending our event to please ask dog owners before petting or otherwise interacting with the dogs. Most owners will be happy to let you interact with their pets, but best to ask first. We also ask that should you feel the desire to share any food/treats we give out with any dogs, please ask the owner first. Other than that - enjoy your time in our pooch heaven!

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