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Kiss Me Cupcakes

Made with love

We believe in making your life’s precious memories sweeter by creating the perfect cake and cupcakes, designed to inspire with delicious seasonal flavours.

We love to bake in small batches using the finest ingredients sourced locally. 

Our delicious baked goods are handmade from scratch, freshly baked with love in our bakery with care and attention to detail.


Our story


Kiss Me Cupcakes was founded in 2008, inspired by our love of travelling.

We started our journey in South America (Brazil), travelling across the Amazon, learning about its wildlife and eco preservation projects. We were treated to the beauty of dolphins, relaxed and sleepy sloths, eager piranhas and resourceful caymans! 

Heading into Peru we were delighted by it's amazing history, culture and visual delights. Macchu Picchu was the culmination of beauty and brains. We were also intrigued by the history of the last Inca Emperor- Atahualpa, eagerly following his historical and geographical footsteps.

Moving into Bolivia was fascinating. It's large Native American population, love of simple street food (sweet corn with butter and chilli- yum!), to the vast and tremendously cold salt flats and of course Lake Titicaca.


We ended our South American Tour in Argentina. Treating us to it's hypnotic Iguazu falls, glorious glaciers, delicious wines and amazing music!

South America taught us the kindness of friends made along the way, an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of nature and history.

Creating KMC 


New Zealand was a wonderful, nature inspired experience. Sleeping in our converted Mazda Bongo and travelling the length and breadth of the country.

We were introduced to cupcakes in Australia enticed by all the different flavours and taste experiences. We pretty much ate an extraordinary amount of cupcakes!

Whilst organising our flights back to the UK from the Philippines, we decided to take the biggest challenge on our continuing adventure … 


We decided to create Kiss Me Cupcakes ...

"Kiss" being the sweet kiss of handmade products made with love.

"Cupcakes" being our first baking endeavour. 

We have now increased our range to provide deliciously baked cakes, beautifully decorated for many different occasions including Corporate Events, Local Events, Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, and Family Celebrations!

Our ethos is – love what we do. If the name Kiss Me Cupcakes hasn’t already made you smile then we hope our cake creations do!

Sprinkle wishes,

Maz and Dali (Mazda)

(Mazda- dedicated to our Mazda Bongo in New Zealand- we miss you!) xx

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