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Premium Ingredients

All our cakes are made in our Cake Studio using the finest ingredients

from responsible sources using eco-friendly packaging and take away cups.

Dietary Requirements

We offer Vegan, Eggless, Vegetarian and Halal options.

All products are baked in our Cake Studio specially adapted to handles allergens,


If you have an allergy or are in doubt please speak to a member of Coffee Shop staff, or contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Dietary Requirments


Our milk is sourced from our local dairy farm just one mile down the road.


Grovewood Farm Dairies supply us with freshly produced and delicious milk for all our bakes, coffees and teas!

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Milk - Grovewood Farm Dairies


We champion all herbal teas, whether for health, wellbeing or just feeling great!


We use award winning, and eco-friendly, Bird and Blend Co Teas who provide beautifully prepared and flavoursome teas with healing properties. 

Kiss Me Cupakes - Bird and Blend Co Teas

Vanilla Extract

We believe in using the best quality of Madagascan vanilla extract.

We especially love Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract which is produced from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar, the world’s leading supplier of the highest quality vanilla.


All our vanilla cupcakes and cakes are produced using this highest quality extracts available.

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Madagascan Vanilla Extract

Belgium Chocolate

We love using the finest quality chocolate for all our bakes, and chocolate cake decorations.


Our favourite is Callebut Belgian Chocolate which we use for all our Rocky Road Cakes, Drip Cakes and Chocolate Brownies.

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Belgium Chocolate

Quality Suppliers

We love to have a positive and successful relationship with all our clients and the  organisations and suppliers we work with. 

That's why we love working with companies that offer amazing quality.

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Quality Suppliers


Our coffee is supplied by award winning Quarter Horse, who freshly roast our coffee beans, meaning a more delicious cuppa coffee!

Quarter Horse Coffee is an independent coffee roaster and cafe based in Birmingham.  

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Quarter Horse Coffee

Fair Trade 

We also champion fair-trade wherever possible, don't we all deserve to be paid well?

The Fairtrade Foundation is the UK-based organisation behind the FAIRTRADE Mark who are working for a better deal for farmers, their families and communities in the developing world.

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Fairtrade Foundation

Free Range

We only use free range eggs in all our bakes.


We believe chickens deserve to be loved, kept in clean, warm, open spaces, and  free to roam and enjoy their time here, whilst producing delicious eggs!

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Free Range Eggs

Food Hygiene

The food hygiene rating reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of the inspection by the local authority.


Our five star rating means our hygiene standards are very good, and we look forward to serving you!

Kiss Me Cupcakes - Food Hygiene Rating -
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