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Cakes & Cupcakes

Business Events & Promotions


Cakes that celebrate and promote your brand, your business event or special occasion

If you are looking for something special to reward your colleagues, promote an event, or as a way to say thank you to your clients, staff and other stakeholders, we’re here to help.


With KMC, you can create something entirely unique to match your branding, adding a logo or message to celebrate:

  • A long service and staff retirement  

  • Staff achievements and milestones

  • Staff rewards, anniversaries and birthdays

  • New project and product launches

  • Brand awareness and promotion

  • Promotional events and exhibitions

  • Client loyalty and appreciation for business

  • Christmas gifts, lunches and parties

We can also provide a big cutting cake to create an impact or batches of cupcakes delivered to your office or event venue.  We are happy to help in any way we can including placement and display.


As well as making our most popular corporate cupcakes, we also create bespoke cakes as another creative option. Please see our special occasion cakes for ideas and contact us to arrange a time to talk through your ideas.



Our corporate cupcakes are especially designed and baked for your business event. It's a great way to showcase your brand and provide something a bit different for your guests and clients to enjoy. We help you to create a focal point that will attract added interest and photo opportunities for your event. 

We design corporate cakes and cupcakes for all kinds of business events including breakfast meetings, presentation meetings, seminars, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, staff leaving parties, birthdays, Christmas parties, and much more. 


All our cakes are hand baked in our Cake Studio using premium ingredients to create the 'WOW' factor in fully branded design, taste and texture.



Our specially branded cupcakes provide a unique and novel way to promote your business event or special occasion.


We take the time to understand your specific requirements so that your cakes match your theme beautifully, providing a stunning focal point for guests to enjoy and your event photographers to capture.

We work exactly to your specification, and we are happy to help with ideas to ensure your creations are as perfect as they can be on the day. We can use a number of different logos (in words and images) for the same event. 


We understand and value the importance of your brand integrity which means adapting your cupcakes to match your unique brand colour palette and to compliment your event theme. 

For those extra special touches, we are able to provide specially coloured buttercream, sprinkles and cupcake cases. 



Flavour is so important, we work hard to create the best cakes from premium ingredients with tasty flavours baked in to ensure a delightful taste experience. We believe in making fantastic looking cupcakes which are equally delicious through and through!

On batches of 100 cupcakes and over, we offer 4 distinct and delicious flavours. You can choose your flavours from a range of options which we can talk through with you before you place your order. Some q
uestions to think about are:

Do you want the flavour to represent your palate?
Do you want people to have an option of flavours? 
Do you want to opt for one flavour?



There are various different way we can display your cakes and cupcakes depending on the impression your would like to make and your chosen theme:

1)  Cake tier with a cutting cake on top.
2)  Cakes set out at each seating place.
3)  Cakes presented as a traditional Afternoon Tea.
4)  Cakes presented on a designated dessert table.

We can talk this through with you before you place your order.


You can see our step by step process for consultation, cake design, ordering, delivery, and payment here.



At KMC, we only use the finest, ethically sourced premium ingredients.

We've had branded cupcakes from Kiss Me Cupcakes

and not only did they look fantastic but they tasted delicious too.

A great branding tool for events that's a little bit different!

Kate Fuller  |  Marketing Manager at Guestline

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